The Life Coach Directory is an international directory of top professional Life Coaches featuring top Life Coaches from every specialty..

Our member Hypnotherapists and NLP Practitioners focus on creating positive changes within their clients and are very solutions oriented. Our member Hypnotherapists work with every type of client from students and stay at home moms and dads to top corporate executives of Fortune 50 companies and CEO’s of publicly traded companies both as Hypnotherapists and Life/Executive Coaches.

All of our Members practice Hypnotherapy and/or Neuro-Linguistic Programming as their primary therapeutic model and offer private sessions using the latest hypnosis, hypnotherapy and NLP techniques. This enables and empowers their clients to create positive changes such as lose weight, quit smoking, reduce stress and anxiety, boost self esteem, relieve the effects of emotional and physical trauma, improve sports and sexual performance, eliminate fear and phobias, improve focus, sleep better while eliminating other negative thoughts and emotions. Some of our member Hypnotherapists and NLP Practitioners also offer group sessions and many offer a variety of other services such as diabetes management, executive and life coaching and even sales training using these powerful and proven techniques.

If you have a behavior you want to change or improve or some negative thoughts or emotions you want to change or eliminate, schedule an appointment with one of our practitioners today or call them to discuss your individual situation with them.

Happiness Now Hypnotherapy has created some proprietary programs that are available to our Members. These include our Quit Smoking in 88 Minutes Program and our Mastering Your Weight Program. Each member can choose which, if any, of these or future programs they would like to join. Some of our members have also developed their own unique programs which you can read about on their Member Profile.

Our members are completely independent and, as such, they set their own office hours and fee schedule as well. However, all of our members have agreed to provide you with a free phone consultation where you can discuss your individual situation and get all your questions answered.

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