by Dr. Guillermo Reynoso-Palomar

Our ancestors have transmitted information to us through genetic material – which is random recombination of genes from our ancestors – from which we obtain characteristics as they are; hair colour, baldness, hirsutism, eye colour and many others it is also true that they transmit diseases such as Huntington’s disease. Cystic fibrosis. Sickle cell anaemia, Color blindness, Myopia, among others.

Our mental health is also influenced by genetics. Conditions such as autism, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), bipolar disorder, depression, and schizophrenia share several genetic risk factors.

Mental conditions are mostly a combination of genetics, environment, and external substances – pollution, substances at work, drugs, side effects of medications, affecting the biochemistry of the brain, events that affect neuronal oxygenation.

Stress as is the case of acute stress disorder, chronic and persistent stress disorder and post-traumatic stress disorder -PTSD- and burnout disorder is a definite environmental cause with changes and affections in the biochemistry and brain structure, but although it does not a clear link with genetic aspects if it has them such as family inheritance and social influence teaches us how to cope -coping – with stress and how we recover from it. However, it is worth consulting a professional in the field.

Therefore, the information on roles, leagues, traditions and the like that are obtained through the study of the family tree and the genogram allows us both to understand the decisions of our ancestors at their time and circumstances and to know which ones have reached us and influenced us and thus act accordingly, so agree my favourite phrase from Dr Carl Rogers is “the patient-client is the one who knows what affects him and how he can solve his condition, so the Psychologist only acts as a guide to clarify the process. “It is appropriate.

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