These are just some of the testimonials that were sent to us from actual verified clients. We appreciate hearing about our client’s results and we proudly share them with you here.

If you are serious about making positive changes in your life, (my Hypnotherapist) can help you accomplish your goals. I never realized how my unconscious thoughts and beliefs prevented me from living a full life. Thanks to (my Hypnotherapist), I feel more confident than ever, and I’m excited to see what the future holds. AR – Southfield

I cannot say enough good things about (my Hypnotherapist) and his professionalism. I was a bit nervous about going for hypnosis, but once I had my new client session, I saw how beneficial working with (my Hypnotherapist) would be. He is honest, direct, kind, and compassionate about life’s woes. I have signed up for my 2nd appt in another week, but only because I could feel a real difference just after 1 session. He seems to be really concerned about people getting help. CR – Birmingham

In my 53 years on this planet, I have never met a more sincere or intelligent human being. I am confident that if he believes this much in his hypnosis therapy then it must be productive. I am in. TS – Charlotte, NC

(my Hypnotherapist) is very warm and sincere in his desire to help his patients. I liked him very much during my first visit and have great hope in achieving success in my desire to lose weight. I am looking forward to my next visit. I will keep you posted!  EZ – Detroit

I highly recommend this to everyone. I initially saw (my Hypnotherapist) because I wanted to quit smoking, which I did in just one session. (my Hypnotherapist) has also helped guide me through stress management and weight loss. I have seen improvements in both of these areas. I am very happy with the results!  KK – Bloomfield Hills

I encourage everyone to try this if they want to improve something about themselves. I have had three sessions for different things and I have seen improvements in all of them. I am much more motivated and I don’t consume as much junk food as I used to. I am making a serious effort to change the way I eat and improve my performance in everything I do. I am so happy I tried this.  BG – Farmington

I have only went so far for one session and I already feel the difference, I am excited to continue going so I can achieve my weight loss goal. thank you so much believing that being alive is its own reward.  BG – Royal Oak

I have suffered three deaths in my family in the last 2 years first I lost my mother to cancer, my brother to an accident. Most painful of all was the loss of my 15 year old daughter. I was overwhelmed with grief. I fell into a deep depression. The doctors prescribe medication’s. Therapist help’s with support. When I came to Happiness Hypnosis I felt useless and in a very dark place. Over time (my Hypnotherapist) has guided me though this experience and made it possible to wake up and face each and every day.  RN – Grosse Pointe

(my Hypnotherapist) has guided me to a new healthy eating/exercise and less stressful life! Started early Dec 2015 and am now down 24lbs two and 1/2 months later. His ability to get to the crux of whats holding you back and then forging forward with just the right motivation is outstanding. I have recommended (my Hypnotherapist) over and over again and will continue to do so.  DY – Walled Lake

Working with (my Hypnotherapist) has been a wonderful experience. He’s very knowledgeable and caring and I’m making steady progress towards my weight loss goal. It’s obvious he really cares about the continued success of his clients. He really gets to know you so he can be most effective. He’s also helping me learn more about me. What an added blessing. I plan to continue working with him on some other issues I have now that progress toward my weight loss goal seems under control. He’s the best.  BJ – Taylor

Finally a New Years resolution I kept. After 17 years smoking a pack a day and several failed attempts including Chantix (what a nightmare… literally), I decided to try hypnosis. I haven’t had a cigarette since the first session and I feel great. I play the CD recording of my session every day and I hardly feel any desire to smoke at all. I can’t say enough good things about (my Hypnotherapist) and his quit smoking program. As MLK would say, “Thank God Almighty, I’m free at last!  AJ – Detroit

I have been trying for the last 10 to 12 years to quit smoking and after 2 visits and listening to the cd I have quit and will never smoke again !!! A very safe and comfortable experience!! I would recommend him to anyone.  CS – Ann Arbor

Very professional yet kind and understanding. Focused on results. Haven’t had a cigarette since our first session with almost no cravings at all. Couldn’t be happier. Highly recommend!  RH – Sterling Heights

I have seen (my Hypnotherapist) since February. Ive seen him about 6 times now. I started to see him because I wanted to get down to the root cause of my alcoholism. He has worked with helping me get over worrying/stress, and overcoming obstacles in my life. After each session I left with a different mentality to want to change my way of thinking so I can live a sober healthy lifestyle. Not only has (my Hypnotherapist) helped me with that, he has helped me with feeling worthy of myself. My life has changed and I’m happy!  PV – Oak Park

Had my first session last week, I am amazed at the impact it has had so far! My eating habits have changed dramatically and I started losing weight the very first day. Two thumbs up!  CW – Birmingham

“In seven months [6 hypnosis sessions] I’ve lost 75 lbs! I am your most avid fan.” M.H., Portland Oregon

“It truly seems effortless; I have had no food cravings – none! ” – D.B., Portland client

“I’m happy to report that I’m tobacco free and I feel awesome!!!” –D.R., Portland client

“I’ve lost 30 lbs and I feel 10 years younger [after three hypnosis sessions]. Thank you!” R. C.,  Portland

“The hypnosis for weight loss & migraines have had terrific results.”-K.G., Portland area client

“Just wanted to let you know that I’ve been doing great! No tobacco since our last hypnosis session, and no desire for any. My self-esteem is back and I’ve been eating well and exercising; Consequently, I’ve lost about 20 pounds so far. So, thanks again!” –Mr.Mc., 54, Lake Oswego, Oregon

“Your hypnosis sessions are very relaxing, and it’s working! I feel so much more positive and happy… I have been eating much less, too. I almost want to call it the miracle cure! Thanks so much.” A. B., Portland, Oregon

I just had my first session with (my Hypnotherapist). He really impressed me with the professional and caring way he conducted our first session. He was my last hope in conquering weight loss. I have tried everything – diets, acupuncture, more diets!!! I left there so determined that I couldn’t wait to go out to dinner that night and see how many carbs I could avoid. I feel so empowered and confident that I am sure of my success already.  WR – Livonia

(my Hypnotherapist’s) office was quite comfortable and relaxing. I found him to be very capable, caring and professional. I was referred by a co-worker who used him to quit smoking and was very happy with the results. I was looking for help with stress and self confidence. I was amazed at the difference after the first session and the improvements continued with the second and third sessions. I can honestly say, I got more from 1 session with (my Hypnotherapist) than in 4 years of regular therapy.  KD – Dearborn

I left feeling so hopeful and free! Great guy! He really made me feel comfortable and he was very knowledgeable! Totally recommend him!  MM – West Bloomfield Twp

Thought I would try this and found a really great service. An excellent experience. I was surprised at how professional, kind and valuable this has turned out to be. Just thought I would try once but ended up going for three visits. Definitely worth it if you are open to it and want some positive support, would definitely recommend.  EM – Novi

My appointment was on 11/30/13. I already feel different and am seeing results. I think every one should give this a try. (my Hypnotherapist) is very easy to talk to and his voice is very relaxing. I will be going back to deal with some other things 🙂  NS – Southfield

First time doing something like this, didn’t know what to expect. IT was a enlightening experience, I’m making another appointment for next week and looking forward to it.  KC – Rochester

I enjoyed the session very much. I feel I accomplished more in one session than I have in over a year of visits to my regular therapist.  BL – Farmington Hills

Its like magic. I walked into (my Hypnotherapist’s) office a smoker for 10 years and an hour and a half later, I left a nonsmoker. I’ve tried everything else and nothing worked and I hated the idea of taking Chantix with all those side effects. He guarantees results so I figured what the heck. Its been two days and so far no withdrawals or cravings. Not sure if its this easy for everybody but I am thrilled!!!  AW – Rochester

After years of seeing a psychologist with limited results, my hope was high but my expectations were tempered. Imagine my surprise when I could see and feel the difference from the moment I left (my Hypnotherapist’s) office. MS – Detroit

(my Hypnotherapist) is very easy to talk to. He’s obviously caring and committed and very capable at what he does. He took the time to make me feel comfortable and relaxed and freely offered advice that expanded and enhanced my whole experience. RR – Grosse Pointe

(my Hypnotherapist) is such an amazing listener and he has such wonderful insight. His guidance is so comforting yet I got more accomplished in a single session than in years of traditional therapy. I can’t recommend him enough!* RL – Troy

I saw (my Hypnotherapist) because I acquired poor eating habits after years of being well disciplined. I just lost control and was gaining weight. So, with great skepticism, I decided to try hypnosis. My first session turned out to be a very positive experience. My cravings for bad foods are virtually gone…I just don’t have an interest in them anymore. It’s a wonderful feeling. I’m now a believer. I know I’ll reach my goals and more as I progress through the rest of my 3 session program. Thanks so very much! DP – Taylor

I just had my first visit with (my Hypnotherapist) and was very impressed. Having never used hypnosis before, I was a little intimidated at first but Tim put me at ease immediately. He’s very professional and kind. I will be returning for future sessions, I already feel results happening and truly believe that he can help with my issues.  ML – Southfield

Everyone responds a little differently to life coaching so there is no guarantee of specific results. Actual results may vary