Personal Life Coaching: Personal life coaches tend to take on a more holistic perspective. They work with clients on their self-relationship as well as how they interact with others, their career, their spirituality, their priorities, creating more work/life balance, productivity, motivation, habits, and patterns. They can focus on one specific area or all of the above.

Business Coaching: Business coaches focus on helping entrepreneurs develop the mindset necessary to be successful in business as well as helping them get clear on their brand, their mission, the audience they serve, and the overall vision they have for their business. Some business coaches specialize in specific business aspects such as marketing, copywriting, networking, retreats, workshops/seminars, product development, operating systems, etc.

Executive Coaching: Executive coaches work with company execs to increase their productivity, leadership/management skills, ability to delegate, strategic planning, decision-making skills, etc. Some executive coaches could work on specific skills such as running a productive meeting, commanding attention while public speaking, communicating authoritatively, and developing more charismatic qualities to effectively lead a company.

Relationship Coaching: Relationship coaches work with both couples and individuals to increase relationship skills. For singles, this could include attracting a partner, keeping a partner, and building a strong relationship foundation. Or for couples, it could include improving communication patterns, increasing intimacy, and responding better to one another.

Health & Wellness Coaching: Health & wellness coaches focus on helping individuals and/or groups change their lifestyle to improve overall health and well being. This could include revamping a diet, changing a person’s entire nutritional strategy, increasing self-care regimen, developing a workout routine, etc. Certain health and wellness coaches further specialize in certain lifestyle changes such as going sugar free, gluten free, vegetarian, and/or vegan. Health and wellness coaching can also extend to a holistic perspective to include spirituality, relationship, and self-confidence aspects, to name a few.

Career Coaching: Career coaches work with groups and/or individuals to match them to potential careers that would lead to overall enhanced life satisfaction and fulfillment. Career coaches generally pay special attention to a client’s natural skills and interests as well as their passions. They can help clients develop an overall purpose statement that provides direction in future careers and endeavors. Mostly, they match their client’s purpose to a fulfilling career leading to overall life satisfaction and increased clarity on life direction.